Our stories are the center of our lives…

…our perceptions, our reasons for everything we do, and every way we are.

I’ve told my story publicly now for almost 20 years. Yet, I’ve still been afraid to completely come out of hiding. Afraid some harm will come from me living my truth. No more. I now call myself to the game of being REAL. Authenticity is something I believe we navigate daily. Some days, I’m authentically shitty. Some days I’m authentically doing pretty awesome out-loud living. And some nights I can’t believe the day went by and I have to honestly admit did nothing substantial at all. That’s life.

That’s REAL. That’s ME. That’s YOU.

My passion is about navigating this REAL life and watching us all constantly evolve and that is success—that is evolution and transformation, and that daily navigation IS experiencing constant transitional spaces. Taking the leap. Not being perfect but being REAL.

About Dr. Wise

img_0327Danielle Wise, Ph.D. is a tenacious force for bold wholeness making. As a mother, psychotherapist, teacher, writer, lover, and friend she shares her personal struggles, along with her accomplishments for the sole purpose of reminding everyone that being human is an amazing journey with peaks and valleys, sorrows and joys. She is unafraid to allow others see all of her—her weaknesses, as well as her strengths. This vulnerability and bravery inspires and opens doors for all of us to emerge through the shadow, embrace the darkness, and expand fully into who we came here to be. Whether teaching embodied communication or trauma and resilience, she leans into the difficult past, not to simply move on, but to grow into something new and beautiful, embracing the dark and the light. Emerging from a long history of personal trauma, she holds the light for others to find their way out of oppression and repression into full self-expression—always walking with others through the tenuous balance between fear and creative force. Her passion and promise is Real You. Real Success.

Real You. Real Success. is now the culmination of 20 years of workshops and keynote presentations to businesses and schools across the United States on the topics of communication, personal awareness, and resilience. Her research and clinical interests include the impact of trauma on interpersonal relationships, which she calls “Embodied Communication.” She taught communication courses for over 10 years at University of Denver, University College that emphasized the importance of understanding memory and personal history to strengthen and expand personal success and interpersonal communication, and Trauma and Resilience at Pacifica Graduate Institute. As associate co-director, she managed a national research team studying the lived experience of oppression that culminated in a team dramatic presentation. For four years she was a therapist on a community college counseling team. She is a contributor for the anthology, Still There: Memoirs of Trauma, Illness, and Loss (Routledge, 2019) and is currently completing her book on the embodied communication process.

Dani lives in Colorado with her wife and dog, celebrates the happiness of her adult daughter, and is a psychotherapist in private practice for over 20 years. As an activist for personal choice and use of psychedelics for mental and emotional support, as well as to enhance a healthy and happy lifestyle, she is especially focused on the importance of strong integration practices. She walks the talk and truly believes in the healing power of our personal stories.

Areas of Focus:

Art/Creativity, Coaching,Communication, Depth Psychotherapy, Dream Dancing©, EcoPsychology, EMDR, Embodied Imagination, Genogram, Memoir, Perception, Shadow, Somatics (Mind/Body Response), Storytelling.

Personal Courage and Strengths specializing in:

LGBT, Trauma, Abuse, Anxiety, Depression, Creativity, Self Esteem, Public Speaking, Relationship Quality: including professional and interpersonal.

A few of the organizations utilizing Danielle’s workshops, teaching, and support:

The Nowak Society, SPORE, Denver I-301 Decriminalization Initiative, Texas Roadhouse, Arapahoe Community College Counseling Services, “How the Body Talks” & “Creating Dialogue” University of Denver-University College, Plato’s Closet, Evergreen High School, Evergreen Middle School Faculty, Cherry Creek High School Diversity Conference since 2003, KOSI Women in Business Breakfast, KOSI Morning Show, Regis High School, Colorado PTA, Englewood High School, Cibola High School, Zia Family Services, Venice High School, Jim Utterback Real Estate So. California.


Please don't hesitate to reach out. Dr. Wise will respond to emails within 48 hours.

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