I love what I do and I’m blessed to do what I love every day. I respect our journeys, both individually and collectively. I don’t take it for granted that I love the life I’ve created or the delicate balance I maintain–the balance that exists in the space between therapist and client, coach and client, speaker and audience.

My process with individual clients and couples tends to be fairly eclectic. I meet your goal from where you are now and listen carefully to the story of what got you here. I nudge (in varying degrees from gentle to kick-ass) to support you in where you wish to be.  

My commitment is to always be authentic and honest for the best care for where you wish to be, even when you may not believe you can get there.

Whether individuals, couples, groups, or organizations, together we will uncover experiences that influenced past interactions to better understand individual styles of communication and the embodied (or felt sense) that is central to current daily interactions–all about perception and perspective. Perception comes from a long history: ancestors, culture, beliefs, trauma, joy, love, pain and all are relayed as felt sense. 

The need to be understood and to understand others is central to feeling at ease in our bodies and for clarity of communication with others. The dynamic personal history that each of us relies on informs the way we perceive the world, individuals, and ourselves. Difficulties, joys, gender, culture, religion, trauma, and myriad expressions of the human experience invite opportunity to distinguish between habit, lineage, and a wish for change.

This is the foundation to integrate experience with observation and goals to establish higher self awareness to set strong intentions for success. The felt sense, or physical response, is somatic communication and central to everything I do in life and what I hope to help you find.

img_0076For years, I wasn’t aware of how out of touch I was with my body. I thought if I walked, danced, made love, hiked, did yoga–I was in my body. I’ve learned how disconnected the mind & body can be and I still have to check in every day. I know the importance of health and nutrition to keep this mind & body connected, especially the power of the intersection between our hearts and minds. I’m also a licensed spiritual practitioner (can be described as spiritual coaching): another creative process with the power of spirituality meeting thoughts/beliefs, and creativity (the dark side and the light side of creativity, by the way). 

 You are not alone.

I’ve gotten in the muck with people from all walks of life: at-risk-teens, gang members, domestic violence victims & perpetrators, extremely wealthy to extremely impoverished. I’ve lived in poverty myself and navigated the system as a single mom & left relationships that no longer fit (not ever an easy task), creating relationships now that are creative, simple (not always easy) but pain free. I’ve done the work and I daily do the work, continuing to learn every day of my life.

I believe deeply in the power of choice for creating an adventure, for redesigning this journey.

I would love to help you find the Real you, Real success.



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