“Once in a while, we encounter exceptional individuals who challenge our perspective and add dimension to our lives. Danielle Wise is just such an individual…she demonstrates genuine interest, sensitivity, concern, and commitment. An active listener, she is skilled in developing positive relationships while helping discover unique abilities. I wholeheartedly recommend that you give her the chance to effect a change to your organization.”
 ~ Assistant Principal, Los Angeles

screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-3-37-02-pmWe each rely on our dynamic personal history to inform our perception of the world, others, and ourselves. Experiences such as suffering, joy, gender, culture, religion, and so much more distinguish how we learned to be versus how we would rather be in our day-to-day lives and through our interactions with others. Awareness from our learned experience is critical to clearly communicate with others interpersonally and observationally to create tools to exchange ideas with one another. Dr. Danielle Wise, with her honest presentation style, leads us to authentically live our fullest potential as leaders and allies in an ever changing world: Real You. Real Success. .

•   Discover how you created the way you live, manage, and respond to upper management and/or teach;

•   Deepen your understanding of how your choices impact your colleagues, employees, and/or students;

•   Balance compassion with how you model Not-Perfect-Living for others;

•   Stand in your integrity as a support system and a model for all who come into contact with you as someone to admire and emulate.

Public speaking and presentation development can be part of your Journey with guidance in perception, strong presence, and topic building.

Keynotes and workshops are available for identifying stories or beliefs that hinder personal and organizational potential, integrity and goals.

Dr. Wise will work with your organization to fit your needs and goals with workshops for a night, weekend, ongoing groups, or a retreat. Journeys include exercises in self-awareness from personal history, choice, physical reactions to thoughts and emotions, and how to authentically communicate with others. Booklets available.

The Body Talks: Dynamic Listening to Mind-Body Dialogues©

Somatic Psychology depends on the relationship between the mind and body, emphasizing how the body holds memories and habits communicated through sensations in the body. Become a more informed reader of physical signs in others, more aware of habitual physical and psychological tendencies, and more able to present and interact authentically with others for business and interpersonal communication.

This program strengthens interpersonal communication skills to develop strategies for resolving conflict through self awareness of somatic communication. Listening to the body for clues to unconscious and old habits can provide tools to redesign more productive and civil dialogue in multiple settings. Focus on personal habits, compassion for others, and neurobiological conditioning to redesign communication styles and techniques. Perfect for individuals or groups.

A few of the organizations utilizing Dr. Wises workshops, teaching, and support: 

Pacifica Graduate Institute, Texas Roadhouse, Arapahoe Community College, “How the Body Talks” & “Creating Dialogue” University of Denver-University College, Plato’s Closet, Evergreen High School, Evergreen Middle School Faculty, Cherry Creek High School Diversity Conference since 2003, KOSI Women in Business Breakfast, KOSI Morning Show, Regis High School, Colorado PTA, Englewood High School, Cibola High School, Zia Family Services, Venice High School, Jim Utterback Real Estate So. California.



Please don't hesitate to reach out. Dr. Wise will respond to emails within 48 hours.

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