Weekend Retreat Participant, Wife, Mother of 2 Young Girls

You have an expanse of knowledge and power that I’ve hardly seen in anyone. Yet, within that power, you are also gentle and understanding. You see the pain of others and show the expansion of pain into beauty and worth. Your chosen path is your dedication to others–the desire to make life better and an opening into a greater presence–which you present with insight, which by chain reaction, allows others to expand.

T., Student DU/UCOL

I have opened myself up to discovering new things, I have made new friends in my life, found a hidden passion (with snowboarding), began recognizing genuine smiles in others, and even met someone ‘special’. All of this happened because of this class.  You have no idea how much this class has changed my life!

J.U., Real Estate Broker, Long Beach, CA

Agents, both new and seasoned, are acknowledging Danielle for their lives altering in many areas such as increased productive phone time, ways of dealing with clients, money making avenues unseen before, and even in ways of dealing with their families.

K.H.K., Denver

Until I met with Danielle, I felt as though I had not reached my full potential. Over a series of meetings with her, I learned to listen to myself and others better to re-define my standards for goals and achieving excellence. I learned to shatter the images of what I thought I wanted out of life, to re-build and re-choose in a manner consistent with my inner desires.  She never let me complain or dwell in the past. She coached me to feel empowered to move forward into the unknown, embracing my vulnerability and using my passions to make my own unique dreams come true.

Top Qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative.

Erica, DU/UCOL Student

The journey through your courses have provided me the understanding I need for growth in my personal life, for that I am truly grateful! I wish that thanks was enough…it just seems so weak in comparison to the gratitude I feel.

C. G., Principal of the first Charter School on an Indian Reservation, New Mexico

In all my years of seeing speakers, this is the most honest and important conversation my students have ever experienced.

J.S., Ireland

I am definitely going for it. Our chat really inspired me and gave me the courage to come out and say what I felt… I have never felt so confident in myself and in my feelings for another person. The magic thing about it is that she feels the same, which I had not anticipated. 

Eddie, DU/UCOL student

Many thanks! I took your class with a great deal of trepidation and in the end it was a great journey of self-exploration and revelations. I really appreciate the passion and enthusiasm you consistently demonstrated for helping people like me better understand ourselves.


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